2020 Expo Summary

Informing our West Michigan community of their local health & wellness resources

2020 Expo Speakers

11:00am — Dr. Jim Hudson
Pain Rehabilitation; An integrative approach to chronic pain management.

Dr. Hudson is the Medical Director of the Pain Rehabilitation Program at Mary Free Bed, and has specialized in the treatment and management of patients with chronic pain at Mary Free Bed for 36 years. He is board-certified by the American Board of Family Practice and is a fellow of the American College of Pain Medicine. He is an active member of the Michigan Academy of Family Practice, American Academy of Family Practice, Michigan State Medical Society and the Kent County Medical Society. Dr. Hudson attended medical school at Wayne State University School of Medicine and completed his residency in family medicine at Grand Rapids Medical Education Partners.

12:00pm — Sharon Vermeulen
Reflexology – the Antidote for Your Pressure Cooker Life

Reflexology, whether you work with a reflexologist or do it yourself as a source of self and family care, can lower the pressure on your body, mind and spirit.

Sharon Vermeulen is a graduate of Western Michigan University in Music & Education. She taught music and elementary education before making the move into customer service management for 15 years. The ongoing stressors of a career along with keeping up with a home and family motivated Sharon to search for a way to relieve her own ‘pressure cooker’ existence and to be of service to others with similar life styles and even more challenging issues.

At a ‘day away’ retreat she was drawn to books about reflexology. A chance meeting led her to a reflexology course, which she completed in 2002. She left her full time job and began helping others release the ‘pressure valve’ of their own lives. Becoming nationally certified in 2008 Sharon continued her practice and in 2010 joined the American Reflexology Certification Board as their Administrative Secretary/Coordinator. She continues to spread the word about the benefits of reflexology.

1:00pm — Rosalyn Baker, LMSW, LMFT, MAC, CNC
Psych-K – Free Your Mind

Rosalyn Baker is a Psych-K Facilitator, Brain Fitness Coach, Neurotherapist, Master Addiction Counselor, Certified Nutritional Consultant and Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider. She has a Masters degree in Social Work and is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She is an owner-partner at Grand Rapids Therapy Group which offers experienced and innovative counseling and therapy services in Grandville and Cascade.

The “secret of life” is BELIEF. Rather than genes, it is our beliefs that control our lives. Psych-K is a set of simple, self-empowering processes to change our beliefs and perceptions that impact your life at a cellular level

2:00pm — Andrea Hop
Inspired Energy: Healthy Habits & Food to Create the Energy You Deserve

Andrea Hop has followed her passion and pursued a knowledge and understanding of how the right choices in life can nourish both the human body and soul. Learning about nature’s plants, making quality food choices and learning to love every aspect of the self-provides a pathway to promote healthy growth and change. Andrea has a Bachelor’s in Psychology/Special Education and a Master’s in Learning Disabilities, both acquired through Grand Valley State University, and she enjoyed working as a high school support teacher for eight years. She worked with her students as they created and obtained their goals, not only in academics but healthy living goals as well. Following her passions, Andrea became part of a living healthy movement. She chose to attend the Institute Of Integrative Nutrition and received her Integrative Nutrition Health Coach certification. Andrea specializes in empowering individuals and families to explore and find their best selves in healthy lifestyles and whole living with an emphasis on reducing stress & balancing hormones. Her goal is to guide clients to focus on improving all aspects of wellness using; goal-setting, accountability, and simple changes that can lead to profound and lasting effects on quality of life and health.

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2019 Conference Summary

Resilience Tools for the Healthcare Professional

“It was a great opportunity to connect with local healthcare providers. As a smaller company, we were able to ask great questions and learn from people that have been in the healthcare industry longer than us.”

— Exhibitor from ILGR 2019 Conference

7 lessons we learned at ILGR

Kelly Peterson reminded us of the importance of caring well for ourselves as practitioners so that we can care well for others

Tim Taig noted in the panel discussion to always put yourself in a position to be inspired

Our keynote speaker, Dr Henry Emmons, reminded us that some stress is helpful, but the trouble arises when we don’t know how to cope with it

Dr. Dave Johnson shared some positive ways we can respond to stress

Deb Timmerman summarized the impact of ACEs – adverse childhood experiences – and the negative outcomes that result when stress is not managed

Rebecca McDonald discussed how to identify human trafficking in healthcare settings and the importance to ACT – assess, care and take action; because “the sooner the intervention, the greater the resilience in the healing journey”

Tracy Christopherson helped us see how leveraging polarities – both/and thinking – can support wellbeing and resilience

Thank you to our 2019 conference sponsors
Generous community partners make InspiredLife Grand Rapids possible. Thank you to all those who showcased their business to support the valuable mission of this event and Universal Solutions by making a contribution.




  • Grand Rapids Center for Mindfulness
  • Harvest Health Foods


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