Our past speakers include:

Ashley Yost & Mali Jane, AM Yoga   |   Jill Johnson   |   Becky Martin  |  David Stanley, Phoenix Rising   |   Kelly Hassberger, Grand Rapids Natural Health   |   Mimi Ray, Mimi Ray Yoga   |   April Hadley, Grand Rapids Center for Mindfulness   |   Chris Wheeler   |   Laura TerVeen, Sky View Retreat Center   |   Kristin Swann, Grand Rapids Wellness   |   Beth Townsend, Healing Traditions   |   Mary Johnson   |   Bryan Nixon, Mindful Counseling GR   |   Carol Hendershot, Grand Rapids Center for Mindfulness   |   David Johnson, Sleeping Bear Natural Health   |   Sue Dilsworth, Heart’s Journey Wellness Center   |   Linda Squires, Holistic Care Approach   |   Micah McLaughiln, Continuum Healing   |   Vince Scheffler, Chiro Unlimited   |   Holly Lucille, The Body Well   |   Benjamin Reisterer, Mindful Counseling   |   Holly Perkins   |   Jocelyn Detloff   |   Nanette Bowen, SelfCare LLC   |   Sandy Parker, On The Path Yoga   |   Amber Kilpatrick   |   Kristin Swann, Grand Rapids Wellness

What speakers & attendees had to say:

“My quality of life was reduced to just a few activities and the need for subscribed pain killers was necessary to get through the day. But after Inspired Life GR… I have implemented mindfulness in my daily life. It really works… I now feel unstuck and the possibilities for a happier and fulfilled life is there just for me.”

— Catherine, Attendee

“It was a wonderful and inspiring conference. I walked away feeling motivated to MOVE more, begin a daily gratitude practice and continue using mindful self-compassion in my everyday life. I also appreciate the connections I made with other people there and the welcoming and open environment. It was a wonderful event that I am grateful to have been a part of.”

— Rachael, Sponsor

“Events like this are so important for us to find our voices as practitioners and for our community to know more about what options they have available. Conversations were started, questions were raised, answers were offered and everyone was truly inspired.”

— Sandy, Speaker

“I loved everything about the conference. It was nicely organized and everything flowed together. The energy felt great and the speakers were really inspiring.”

— Sponsor and Panel Expert