2019 Conference Summary

Resilience Tools for the Healthcare Professional

“It was a great opportunity to connect with local healthcare providers. As a smaller company, we were able to ask great questions and learn from people that have been in the healthcare industry longer than us.”

— Exhibitor from ILGR 2019 Conference

7 lessons we learned at ILGR

Kelly Peterson reminded us of the importance of caring well for ourselves as practitioners so that we can care well for others

Tim Taig noted in the panel discussion to always put yourself in a position to be inspired

Our keynote speaker, Dr Henry Emmons, reminded us that some stress is helpful, but the trouble arises when we don’t know how to cope with it

Dr. Dave Johnson shared some positive ways we can respond to stress

Deb Timmerman summarized the impact of ACEs – adverse childhood experiences – and the negative outcomes that result when stress is not managed

Rebecca McDonald discussed how to identify human trafficking in healthcare settings and the importance to ACT – assess, care and take action; because “the sooner the intervention, the greater the resilience in the healing journey”

Tracy Christopherson helped us see how leveraging polarities – both/and thinking – can support wellbeing and resilience

Thank you to our 2019 conference sponsors
Generous community partners make InspiredLife Grand Rapids possible. Thank you to all those who showcased their business to support the valuable mission of this event and Universal Solutions by making a contribution.




  • Grand Rapids Center for Mindfulness
  • Harvest Health Foods


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